Our Approach to Fund Raising

Our expedition will be 100% self-funded, meaning that all money raised will be divided equally between our two charities. We aim to raise £10,000 as well as raise awareness about the problems being tackled by these inspirational organisations.

One of the largest international aid organisations, MSF is of particular relevance to us as doctors. In emergencies and their aftermath, MSF rehabilitates and runs hospitals and clinics, performs surgery, battles epidemics, carries out vaccination campaigns, operates feeding centres for malnourished children and offers mental healthcare. We hold strong personal support for this organisation, as well as aspirations to volunteer for MSF in the future when we have accrued adequate post-graduate medical experience.


GEES is a small focused charity promoting eye services in Northern Ethiopia through support for the Eye Department at Gondar University in the centre of Amhara Region. The improving department and associated teaching will act as a template for improved eye care for rural Ethiopia and provide places for students from other parts of Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa.

The Charity was founded in 2003 by Dr Sandy Holt-Wilson who had worked for 5 months in Gondar. There are no paid staff and minimal overheads.

We are hoping to visit Gondar on our travels and see for ourselves the wonderful work that this charity does.

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