The Plan

A twenty two year-old Land Rover, three British doctors, two amazing charities, and twenty one thousand miles. This is (probably) the expedition of our lives! We left on the 8th October 2012, bleary eyed and groggy from a charity send-off bash with our Cornish shanty-singing friends. There was a loose plan to complete the journey in eight months, but trying to run anything to a schedule in Africa is a mistake…

Our aims for this expedition are:

–          Raise awareness and £10,000 towards the work of Medicines Sans Frontieres and Gondar (Ethiopia) Eye Surgery in Africa

–          Study the differing health beliefs in Africa and the health options available to the people

–          Assist the London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene gather data for research into maternal health

–          Produce a mini documentary and an interactive blog recording the above.

–          Volunteer and gain professional experience in healthcare facilities along the route

–          Travel photography and photojournalism

–          Personal challenge and exploration