Friends of CtCt

We are very grateful to the following:

As if excellent food, drink, and accommodation right on beautiful Perranporth beach weren’t enough, this pub also has a lovely local vibe. Dan the landlord couldn’t have been more supportive of our trip – our thanks for your help in raising hundreds of pounds!

Donation of two of their excellent 20-litre water filtration devices as part of their extensive support of humanitarian projects.

Donation of extensive GPS maps covering the whole of Africa. We’ll know who to blame when we get lost!


People We’ve Met

Dave over at Bush Mechanics in North Devon has been an invaluable help. Dave has a great breath of knowledge and experience of Land Rovers and expeditions, and seems to be able to turn his hand to just about anything. Without his help and guidance we would have been lost in the preparation of our vehicle!

Duncan & Marie of Redland, Bristol

Thanks go to this wonderful pair who took pity on Rich during his 48 hour stint trying to fix the Land Rover by the side of the road when it catastrophically failed in Bristol! Cups of tea, lunch, and a lot of tools were very much appreciated. Exemplary British spirit!

Andrea Gortz of Maastricht, Netherlands

An old friend who Rich worked with in Zambia in 2008. Andrea gave up valuable space in her flat to provide accommodation for four weary lads. Our thanks for showing us around and making our time in Holland brilliant!

Erik of Limburg, Germany

Erik approached us by the side of the road as he had seen us trying to fix our headlights as dark was falling. A fellow Land Rover owner, he invited us back to his house for refreshments, advice, and ultimately a dry cosy place to successfuly fix our car. A crate of Apfelwein certainly helped us on our way! Thanks Erik!

Tanja, Ruth and Shiva of Vienna, Austria

Unforgettable kindness; recommended on the trusting word of a friend of a friend, none of these three had ever met us before, yet invited us into their house, gave up a room for three days, and made our time in Vienna fantastic. Thank you for showing us around!

Karin and Melissa of Graz, Austria

When a Graz local asked Guy who we were staying with they were surprised to learn that they were “his brother’s friend’s friend’s flatmate’s friend’s sister”. Such was the tenuous recommendation on which Karin and Melissa invited us to stay in their flat. We are most thankful for your trust and hospitality, and for showing us around!

Marija and Adriana of Belgrade, Serbia

We were kindly invited via to stay with M&A and their family in Belgrade.  Our thanks to M&A for showing us around, her father who helped fix our headlights, and her mother for keeping us well feed with delicious Serbian food!

Annie and Lydia of Athens, Greece

We couldn’t have asked for a warmer welcome from Alki’s (Dan’s girlfriend’s) family in Greece. From organising accommodation in a spacious flat by the Acropolis to preparing a ‘lunch’ which extended far into the night, they made our time in Athens very special.

Tayfur of Tekirdag, Turkey

When we arrived in Tekirdag tired, dirty, and hungry, it was midnight. We were resigned to paying over the odds for a grubby hotel. Luckily Teyfur, a local student, took pity on us and made a spontanious decision to invite us to stay in his flat. Thank you for your trust, and for showing us what the Turkish really eat for breakfast!

Enrique of Cairo

A Spanish expatriate working as a journalist for major national newspapers, Enrique was a great man to meet for lunch. Conversation was enlightening as we discussed the rioting that we had seen and in which direction the country could possibly go. Thanks for your company and help, and for a wonderful lunch.

Sam Watson of Cairo

Land Rover buff and general all round hero, Sam got in touch via Twitter and invited us to stay at his home in Cairo. A frequent desert rat, he took us into the Sahara on what has become one of our most memorable excursions. We also helped him build a memorial to Popski’s Private Army; see

Juan of Ferafra Oasis, Egypt

Deep in the Western Desert, on the furthest outskirts of the oases, lives this French explorer. His simple abode looks directly west out onto the Great Sand Sea. A friend of Sebastian’s family, it was an odd and amazing place to catch up and have lunch!

Mohammed of Aswan, Egypt

Southern Egypt was the last place we expected to bump into a Cornishman, but Mohammed has lived and worked in Redruth for many a year. He has now returned to his home country and runs a campsite; in full Nubian garb! Thanks for your hospitality.l

The Swiss: Dario and Toblerone Mike of Zurich

No one has played a bigger part in making our N African leg more enjoyable. United by the Aswan – Wadi Halfa ferry, we joined forces with these two clowns on and off from N Sudan to Kenya. They are trying to persuade their Vauxhall Frontera to negotiate the African roads, with reasonable success. See

Leftye and Lara of Khartoum, Sudan

Friends of Sebastian’s family, this couple have spent over half a century in Sudan between them. Lunch at their lovely home in Khartoum was a pleasure, as was the conversation. Thanks for hospitality and for helping us with the Landie!

Delphine, Solene, and Lorraine of Khartoum, Sudan

A lucky find on Couchsurfing, these three French expatriates reintroduced us to civilisation after weeks in the deserts of Egypt and Sudan. Grubby and exhausted, we were welcomed into their palmy house in Khartoum and fed real French cheese (!) and Pastiche. We are eternally grateful, we had an amazing week.

Dr Asamere of Gondar, Ethiopia

The man on the ground for Gondar Ethiopia Eye Surgery (GEES), Dr Asamere is a welcoming, friendly ophthalmic consultant who is doing a great job of pushing Gondar towards becoming a centre of excellence. He is an inspiring man; young, motivated, knowledgeable. With a keen interest in history Bass and he got it off on the right foot! Our thanks for showing us around during Timket and for untold kindness.

Claire of England, UK

Towards the more intrepid end of the spectrum, Clare decided to ride a motorbike from London to Cape Town by herself. She is one of the few female overlanders to do this route, and has our respect and friendship. Good luck Claire! See her blog at

Pooja of Bahar Dar, Ethiopia

Another inspiring example of spontaneous hospitality, Pooja is a lecturer in Bahar Dar University. When she heard about our expedition she invited us to stay at her house, which was a great base for essential Landie repairs and shanty singing. Thank you!

Walter and Freddie of Eaton, UK

Two exemplary examples of British society, this pair are doing what we three wish we had the insight to do aged 18: drive a Land Rover from the UK to Cape Town! We met in Addis and then later in Uganda. See their blog at (although their journey hasn’t been as easy as it sounds!)

Gele and Adimasu Tours of Addis, Ethiopia

We found Gele inspecting our battered car with a twinkle in his eye in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. On further enquiry it turns out he works for an excellent German tour company, is passionate about Land Rovers, and was able to give us valuable information on the practicalities of Somalia and the Turkana road. Our thanks and best wishes. See

David, Paula, Susan, David, and Family – Iganga, Uganda

Whilst working in Iganga Hospital, Uganda, we were approached by David (1) who invited us to stay in his family home. The invitation has transformed our time here, with excellent hospitality and outstanding food. We are ever grateful.

Keeley, Morgan and Katrina

American volunteers in different projects in Iganga, Uganda, these three certainly made our time in Iganga much more sociable. Thanks for the local knowledge, and for joining us in living for the weekends!


Originally Danish, this man machine has lived in Uganda for many a year riding bikes and running safari companies. He was the Ugandan National Champion for road cycling in his time, and now coaches the national team. We met him in the mountains and shared many a tale.


Raffle Supporters

A huge thank you to everyone who has been so kind in donating prizes for our charity raffles. In no particular order they are:








Hayley’s Flower Shop, St. Agnes


Cornwall Cafe, 42 Vicarage Road, St. Agnes

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    • Getting a car into Egypt is one of the most ridiculous things we’ve had to do. Leave lots of time, lots of money, and get your carnet sorted. We have a British carnet and it’s 800% of the value of the car for Egypt. Eek. Are you plannign a trip?

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