October Send-Off Bash

From time to time one of us will take a little breather from the self-induced chaos that is our day-to-day life and realise that time is in fact ticking on, and we are off on really rather a big and involved trip in the not-too-distant (in fact frighteningly all-too-soon) future. I’m writing this in just such a gulp of air that involves an evening off with a stubbornly uncreative brain, a handful of peppermint tea and an internet dongle that has far too much autonomy.

My task for the evening: inform you all of a wondrous event that we are heralding in October. Bass, Dan, Guy and I have been lucky enough to live together in Perranporth for the last year, which in its self has been an amazing experience. One of the best things about our year has been the warm friendship and membership of the local Cornish choir, The Perraners. We’ve shared many a great evening of laughter and song in Perranporth with these great people.

The Perraners sing at sunset on Perranporth Beach. (RWH)

We’ve organised this evening as an excuse to get old friends back together, sing our favourite songs, eat some good food, and raise as much money for charity as we can! Having set our departure date for the next day, we thought it would be an ideal send-off bash. Luckily we don’t have too far to go on Day 1 – a bleary-eyed drive to Somerset and Bass’ family home!

Allow me to furnish you with The Headlines:

–          A hearty sit-down meal with wonderful home-made food, courtesy of Seiners

–          A charity auction/raffle

–          Cornish songs with the Perraners

–          Other guests TBC

–          October 7th, probably 7pm!

–          Tickets £10 (meal included)

Please get in touch if you’re interested; cornwalltocapetown@gmail.com

Much love,

R, B & D

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