We’ve Done It!

Late on the evening of the 10th of June, exactly nine months after the team set off from Perranporth, the Cornwall to Cape Town expedition arrived in Cape Town. The punters of Long St, central Cape Town, found their evenings interrupted by the arrival of a large red Land Rover, complete with three foot Kudu horns on the front, firewood piled on top, and POLICE in large letters on the side. They may have wondered why the occupants appeared so elated. Scarce did they know that this was their 21,758th mile, their 30th country, their 243rd day.

L to R: Bass, Tess, Dan and Rich triumphant in Cape Town (Photo: Guy Wallace)

L to R: Bass, Tess, Dan and Rich triumphant in Cape Town (Photo: Guy Wallace)

We would like to thank our families, friends, and everyone who has made this trip possible. It really has been one of the best experiences of our lives and we could never have achieved without the help we have received.

Please keep popping back to read the rest of the story about how we made it to Cape Town. It’s a fair old yarn. And don’t forget about that big red ‘Donate’ button on the right of your screens!

The overjoyed team on arrival (Photo: Guy Wallace)

The overjoyed team on arrival (Photo: Guy Wallace)

Excited about Send-Off!

We’re nowhere near ready, but it’s our send off bash in a few hours in Perranporth! We can’t wait. We have 75 confirmed for dinner, with more coming for a sing later. Wonderful news.

Our thanks in advance to Seiners Bar, who have been wonderful in supporting and doing all the work for the event, and to everyone who has been kind enough to support the raffle with wonderful prizes, and of course to you all for coming! We’ll see you there…

On the Radio!

Click here to download our interview with Tiffany Truscott on BBC Radio Cornwall – 

So it turns out that being interviewed on the radio is quite the experience. We decided that we would turn up before time, prepaired, practised, calm and collected. As we screeched to a halt outside the studios ten minutes before we were due on air, I wondered what that would have felt like. The BBC, at least, were organised; we were ushered through, given a quick ‘interview 101’, told not to worry, and suddenly the red light was on and looking expectantly at us.

Luckily our interviewer, Tiffany Truscott, seemed to have done this before, and steered us through in what felt like a reasonable organised fashion.

We left elated, amazed that we had managed to avoid pregnant silences and (major) expletives. We had just one rule… In no circumstances were we going to listen to the interview!

If however you would like to listen to our interview, it can be found HERE. Jump to 27 minutes to find us.

A New Objective

According to the World Health Organization, just under 300,000 maternal deaths occur worldwide each year, with over half of them in Sub-Saharan Africa. Amongst the more major causes of mortality is eclamsia, a condition of unknown cause which can result in the death of both mother and foetus. Blood pressure monitoring in pregnancy helps to identify those at risk of eclampsia, and facilitate appropriate intervention. However, delivering a service that provides regular monitoring and intervention in Africa is currently a huge challenge.
With this in mind we are pleased to announce that we have agreed another major additional objective to our trip. We have been in communication with Kings College London regarding their CRADLE trial, which is an international research project supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with the following objectives:
–  Improve the data that we have on maternal mortality across Sub-Saharan Africa
–  Pilot the use of a new compact, solar powered blood pressure monitor
–  Investigate the effect of the regular use of this monitor on the rates of maternal mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa
–  Allude to the cost effectiveness of establishing blood pressure monitoring services in Sub-Saharan Africa
We will work to introduce these devices to Ethiopia, and gather and analyse data from their use over the period of approximately a month. We are hugely excited to be a part of this project; we’ll keep you updated as we know more.

October Send-Off Bash

From time to time one of us will take a little breather from the self-induced chaos that is our day-to-day life and realise that time is in fact ticking on, and we are off on really rather a big and involved trip in the not-too-distant (in fact frighteningly all-too-soon) future. I’m writing this in just such a gulp of air that involves an evening off with a stubbornly uncreative brain, a handful of peppermint tea and an internet dongle that has far too much autonomy.

My task for the evening: inform you all of a wondrous event that we are heralding in October. Bass, Dan, Guy and I have been lucky enough to live together in Perranporth for the last year, which in its self has been an amazing experience. One of the best things about our year has been the warm friendship and membership of the local Cornish choir, The Perraners. We’ve shared many a great evening of laughter and song in Perranporth with these great people.

The Perraners sing at sunset on Perranporth Beach. (RWH)

We’ve organised this evening as an excuse to get old friends back together, sing our favourite songs, eat some good food, and raise as much money for charity as we can! Having set our departure date for the next day, we thought it would be an ideal send-off bash. Luckily we don’t have too far to go on Day 1 – a bleary-eyed drive to Somerset and Bass’ family home!

Allow me to furnish you with The Headlines:

–          A hearty sit-down meal with wonderful home-made food, courtesy of Seiners

–          A charity auction/raffle

–          Cornish songs with the Perraners

–          Other guests TBC

–          October 7th, probably 7pm!

–          Tickets £10 (meal included)

Please get in touch if you’re interested; cornwalltocapetown@gmail.com

Much love,

R, B & D

Wonderful Charitable Fun!

So distracted have we been by the last few weeks that only now have we managed to tot up our collection from the charity fundraiser held on the 27th July! We raised a fabulous £229.33, which is a great step in the right direction, and had a great evening doing it, so our thanks to everyone that attended and made it what it was. Special thanks go out to our donors, who were remarkably generous in their prises for the charity raffle, which included coasteering, surfing lessons, romantic restaurant meals and cream teas. Thanks also to the Treliske Doctor’s Mess which endorsed our social as an official hospital ‘PayDay’. We hope to do it all again soon before our departure!

Charity Fund Raiser

We are planning a social in assiciation with Treliske Doctor’s Mess this coming Friday to welcome new doctors to the hospital, bid adieu to the old ones, raise money for charity, and generally have a cracking time.
We’ve booked the upstairs of Vertigo in Truro for such things as dancing, music and raffles. Many thanks to Vertigo for providing us with such a great venue. We hope to see you there!