The Good & The Bad…

The Good News:

An utterly fabulous night was had at our leaving bash last night in Perranporth. We’d like to thank everyone who came and ate, drank, sang and gave so generously to our charities. We raised a fabulous £612 all told, which is amazing! Our thanks in particular go to Dan and Lisa of Seiners for lovely venue and dinner, the Perraners for coming to sing,  Skinners for donating lots of ale, and everyone who so kindly donated raffle prizes.


The Bad News:

The requirement to have an MOT before departure is proving troublesome. Those of you who dubiously raised an eyebrow at our ambitious plan to book an MOT at 7am the morning after our leaving bash will not be surprised to hear that this has not happened. The discovery that the front bushings are seriously worn means another few days work, with a new aim of MOT + departure on Wednesday. Apologies to everyone whose hospitality we must trespass on for a few more days, but we will leave soon, we promise!

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