Having Left

So, it has been a week and a half since we left Cornwall. This statement in itself seems incredible. When immersed in routine and familiarity, each week can fly by, dropping us surprised into the next month or season. For us now the opposite in the case. I am sitting in Prague and a lot has happened. However, before any new stories, I feel I need to pay tribute to our staring point. Cornwall.

Our leaving party was charged with emotion. The excitement of the waiting world, a limitlessness adventure, has only begun to grow as we move across Europe. Our last days in Cornwall had the autumnal feel that something great had come to an end. Really, for us, one adventure has drifted into the next. Goodbyes were said, loose ends tied off and we were sent off with a warmth that reflected sincere and lasting friendships. Above all, this is what makes a place of residence a home.

Driving east toward Somerset we were reminded how good the West Country has been to us. Since arriving seven years ago as fresh faced medical students, it seems we have furnished every tor, beach and street with a story; be it a rainy Sunday walk, a perfect sunset surf or an endless night. This has been our adventure.

 Swallows line the telegraph wires, ready for their their long journey south, beyond the Sahara. Today, we are chasing their tails. Like them we will remember and return.
NB: post written by Bass with augmentation of Czech beer, pinch of salt required!

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